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The tgMember programming team, has provided many Software, Bot and tools in the Telegram platform for marketing from target users

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  • Money back guarantee (in case of any problem) up to 15 days
  • Online selling inside the telegram and free configuration in your computer
  • Support via Telegram, Email, Remote Desktop, Team Viewer, Any Desk, Voice Call, S.M.S, and also meeting in the office.
  • Familiarity with Telegram API Library and development of robot types under the telegram platform in programming languages: Lua، PHP، Python،.... 
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Telegram Tools

Send bulk message to the list of users, number, ID, ... , Advertise in groups and send a mass message , Easily increase group and channel members, Raise your vote, poll, like and comment, Increase view for channel posts , Automatically create account, Automatically collect links, Extract group members, Join in groups, and Etc70 Telegram bot - 130 Telegram Software

Export Telegram Group Members and Add bulk members to Group Telegram Thunder V4.5 Updated to the latest layer of Telegram API library

Telegram group bulk advertisement software Telegram Adrenaline V4.5 Updated to the latest layer of Telegram API library

Increase each Telegram Channel and Group with Fake Member and Fake View. Without extra cost. Don't need account for work. Work on Windows, Android, Mac platform. unlimited.

Telegram Bulk Message Sender to Phones and Username Telegram Catalyze V4.5 Updated to the latest layer of Telegram API library

Telegram Vote Bot Telegram Spell Auto increase vote, poll, like, click and inline keyboard.

You can be sure that you can easily use the tool even without the need for changes and settings without any banning or deletion of accounts. Method is used to categorize its members of groups by filtering the last time online and activity and stored.

Telegram Software

Telegram automatic account generator

Telegram automatic virtual number builder and store. Telegram account creator. Create telegram account with STAT format, for all of API software.

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Telegram Group Advertising Software - Sirena

The software and robot for get real members, real view and ads. Automatic find link + Automatic join to group + Automatic Send bulk message

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Telegram Fake Member Adder (api)

Telegram Fake Member Adder Increase telegram channel with fake member and view.

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Telegram Royal

Send virtualization software and advertising Telegram + add member to channel

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Telegram automatic virtual number generator

Build and store auto number in arbitrary number and format Choose a name, photo, ID, password, ... as you wish

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Telegram Spiral

Bulk sending and advertising Send virtualization software and advertising Telegram + add member of the channel (bulk sending + advertising + add members)

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Network Mechanics

Automatic Telegram IP changer.

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Telegram fake member and view generator online

Add fake member to telegram channel. Increase channel post view.

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Telegram Marketing

  • 12/05/2018 12:05 PM

72000 fresh secure dedicated proxy able to set automatic change per connection, 3 minute, 15 minute Ability to increase the viewing of telegraph channel posts

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  • 12/04/2018 11:20 PM

The most professional converter accounts Telegram conversion software accounts accounts Fast and accurate conversion of all formats Telegram

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  • 12/04/2018 11:14 PM

The software channel and group members and view Add fake members and increase fake view

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  • 12/04/2018 11:07 PM

Telegram Auto is an all in one Telegram marketing software. You can export members from your competitors Telegram group and add members to your group. You can also send bulk messages to any group members

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  • 09/30/2017 12:00 AM

a Software for checking and separating #telegram #phone_numbers list, account, contact, ... from non-telegrams suitable for making telegram lines and #check virtual lines

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  • 06/01/2017 12:00 AM

Telegram Magnus Telegram find group Link's The most professional program for collecting auto group links and telegram channels (all groups in your hands)

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Free Tools


The Telegram account manager with t-data format. Usable in telegram desktop version.

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Telegram Spammer

Telegram Spammer. working with telegram desktop platform.

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Telegram Channel Manager

Manage channel with your bot. inline keyboard, hyperlink, attach file, bold, italic, .... in html & markdown form

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Telegram Filter Numbr

search in phone number list for find telegram account numbers

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Telegram Account Checker & Generator

check account for restrict and create account with KEY and STAT format for api software's.

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